YCOS, founded in 2011 as YSJ Cosmetics, is a professional manufacturer and distributor of cosmetics and quasi-drugs. Currently, exports account for 70% of our sales, contributing to promoting K-beauty to the world.
We manufacture and supply only the best products to consumers, launching and developing various beauty brands and products. Since our founding ten years ago, we have always used natural ingredients for mild but also effective cosmetics.
Quality ingredients and our extensive know-how for natural beauty of your skin
YCOS highlights the natural beauty of your skin!



Customers are our No.1 priority
We are a customer-oriented company that identifies the needs of customers by actively communicating with them to provide the best products and services.



We build trust based on the best quality
We keep growing by promoting the best products made with excellent technology and top-quality ingredients, winning trust from our customers.



We are a creative global company.
We are a global company that exports products to 15 countries worldwide based on reliability and technological prowess.